The A/C bills were so high last summer that I put a locking code on the thermostat

The A/C bills at my house were so high last year that I finally put a locking code on the thermostat.

Luckily for me, the digital programmable thermostat that we have has a feature where you can put a code in so nobody can change the temperature settings without the code.

At first, I did not know that the programmable thermostat even had that feature built into it. I think that if I had known that there was a code feature then I would have put one in the thermostat a long time ago! That is because my kids drive me absolutely crazy with the fact that they are always lowering and raising the temperatures on the thermostat whenever they darn well feel like it. I tell them to leave the thermostat alone all the time, but sometimes they just won’t listen. They drive me crazy sometimes and I know that it’s my own fault for not being harder on them when they were younger! Now, they think that they can just do whatever they want all the time and it makes me crazy. Anyway, they kept the thermostat lowered so much during the summer last year that I ended up paying a literal fortune in air conditioning bills last year. I wasn’t about to do that again this year so I read the manual for our thermostat and I figured out exactly what I needed to do! Now the code is in and the kids are locked out! They can’t stand it but I’m happier than I have ever been.

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