An Issue With My Mini-Split Heat Pump

I thoroughly prefer the holidays. Celebrating holidays with friends plus family bring about a lot of memories that I will always cherish. I prefer spending time around the people who mean the most to me plus creating new memories as well. Normally my fantastic friend and I would celebrate the holidays with lunch plus exchanging presents at my Grandma plus Grandpa’s apartment however their mini split heat pump stopped working. Therefore this year my fantastic friend and I will be having it at my apartment plus inviting over extended family members to celebrate. My Grandparents will be staying with me for about two days until they can call an Heating and A/C provider once the holidays are over. Plus I don’t want them to stress about fixing it during our holiday celebrations. I heard that having a mini split system is great to have because of its size. It is small plus is bendy for heating or cooling particular areas or particular rooms in a house. I’ve even heard by my own Heating and A/C serviceman that ductless mini split systems are the easiest to install than any other space conditioning system. What happened to my Grandparents split system was that they recently had an addition put onto their house. They listened to their Heating and A/C serviceman that having a ductless, mini split system heat pump was one of the best possibilities for when an addition is put onto a house. My Grandparents listened to him, despite the fact that I suppose it was a smart idea however the system may be defective. For some reason the controls haven’t been working plus the compressor just failed.

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