Training to Be an HVAC Technician

His training has allowed him to specify exactly what he wants to get into.

My brother and I are twins. We may look very similar but we are total opposites. As a girl when I was younger I was into Barbie dolls and dress up. My brother on the other hand was into toy cars and action figures. I remember when I was younger getting frustrated with him because I wanted him to play with me. Now that I’m older I see the reasoning behind it. He was a boy and I was a girl and he didn’t like the things that I was into. This is true today as we are now looking for jobs. He’s very into cars, construction and building things. He went to school for engineering and I went to school for fashion. You could say that the toys we played with when we were younger heavily influenced us. He hasn’t had much luck in finding an engineering job but he recently went through a training program to become an HVAC technician. This job suits him well since he likes to work and repair things. His training has allowed him to specify exactly what he wants to get into. He is specializing to become a repair HVAC technician. The process of his training consists of a written test and a practical. Normally he is placed in a certain situation where he has a problem and he has to find what that problem is and repair it on the HVAC system. I’m proud of the training that he’s gone through because it takes a lot of studying and knowledge of HVAC systems and other elements to become a well reputable certified HVAC technician.

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