Some like it hot!

Have you ever met someone & you were immediately envious of their lifestyle? This was absolutely the case at a gathering I attended last yearwhen I met my friends roommate & he was telling us about all of the exotic locales he has traveled to.

As he was speaking, I was fascinated by the fact that he spent over half of the year out of the country & that he did not seem to mind the odd cultures he encountered.

I recognize I am just the type of person who wants everything to be the same all the time & I cannot see myself adapting to the variations that he had to deal with. I began to realize that most of the regions he travel to or ones that experienced Summer light conditions throughout most of the year. When I asked him about this, he said that he absolutely planned his trips so that he did not have to deal with any frigid uneven temperatures because he hated being cooped up in the home with the heat on. winter was his least number one season so he did his best to avoid it at all cost. I asked him if the locales that he visited had a/c in his hotel rooms & he said many of them did not however he did not mind. He said that he will always choose being too tepid over being frigid & even if he has to indoor tepid humid conditions he is willing to do that. I’m so envious about all of the attractive locales that he has seen although I also like having my a/c on during the Summer so that I’m not uncomfortable so I recognize I do not want to trade lives with him after all.


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