Christmas list for my specialist partner

Every year I struggle with what to get my partner for Christmas.

He doesn’t have many hobbies and he works all the time, then i have purchased him every kind of thermos, supper box and even labor clothes I can suppose of so I asked him for particular things I could get to make his life easier.

There are times when he works sixty hours a week and I want him to be able to do his job more efficiently. His job as an HVAC specialist is taxing and many times he is sent out alone to do a job. This means that he has to be entirely creative when it comes to positioning monitors, measuring ductwork and even installing lines to carry heated water for radiant flooring. He said that there were some tools that would make those jobs easier when working alone. They are magnetic which means that he can position them and make repairs with two hands. The magnetic measuring tape, air flow meter and even tool belt will help him sizablely. It will be like having an extra set of hands on the job and that should make it go faster too. I am blissful I asked him what he wanted and I will be gleeful to see him open his gifts on Christmas morning. I am sure that there are other HVAC specialists out there that could get use out of these specialized tools as well. I will pass on the information to the other families of his co-workers to see if the ideas help them with their shopping lists too.


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