A positive response to a negative review

I have to say for the first five years our business was thriving however then it took a horrifying turn for the worse.

My wonderful friend and I began experiencing customers canceling appointments and my pal and I were having difficulty attracting current ones! At first my pal and I decided that it had to be due to economic hardships however when my pal and I saw other companies still doing well my pal and I needed to take a look at what was going on… The first thing my pal and I looked at was our pricing to make sure that my pal and I were competitive with the other HVAC companies in neighborhood and all of that seemed to line up.

In some cases our services and products were genuinely a better deal so my pal and I knew that wasn’t the problem. Our receptionist started looking into our online presence to see if there were concerns with reviews from previous customers and that is where my pal and I found the problem. Apparently one of the servicemans that my pal and I hired over the last year was being rude to our customers when she went on service calls and they were more than glad to put a negative review online about our business. My wonderful friend and I decided to let that serviceman go and then reached out to the customers who had localed the negative reviews to offer them added services at no charge to make up for the problem. In turn my pal and I asked them to revise the reviews that they have posted and they were absolutely understanding. It is hoped that these changes will help service our reputation and restore people’s faith in our commitment to making them glad.



a/c representative