Fuel choices limit HVAC choices

When you make the decision to live out in the country you need to realize that you may not have some of the resources you have when living closer to cities.

If you are in a highly populated area you can choose from every utility company out there, but, if you live in outlying areas you may have very limited choices.

My brother learned this the hard way after investing in his new HVAC system. He opted to go through a third party vendor and purchase his new system when he bought his heating and cooling units without bothering to check with local utility companies, He bought a system that runs on gas and then learned that this was not available in his area. He assumed that natural gas was just something that you could sign up for and it would be hooked up without issue. He never imagined that there were no gas lines on the road where his new house would be. He learned about the issue after he had already taken delivery of the new system and he didn’t have the ability to return it. Had he gone with the local HVAC dealer they would have advised him that he would need to purchase a system that ran on electricity or one that could be adapted for solar power. He has listed the system on a sale sight and is hoping to recoup some of his investment and has ordered a replacement HVAC system from a local dealer. This was a lesson learned for him and I will always make sure to look into my options if I am ever in a position to build my own home too.


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