When my air conditioning froze up a couple of weeks ago, I fixed it

Whenever my air conditioning system froze up a couple of weeks ago, I somehow fixed it myself.

This is really not something that ever happens.

I am not exactly someone that you would call handy. I am not good at fixing things around the house and I don’t really know a thing about air conditioning systems. However, a couple of weeks ago we were having a real heat wave around here. I was beginning to notice that the temperature in the house was rising right along with the temperature outside. Even though I had not adjusted the thermostat settings, the house was really warming up. I was scared that there was something wrong with the central air conditioning system and I was thinking about calling the HVAC company to make an appointment. I decided that since the A/C wasn’t working, I was just going to unplug the whole thing until the HVAC company came to look at it. After I unplugged it, I saw that there was a big puddle of water down by the A/C unit. It seemed like the A/C unit had defrosted itself or something. That’s when I plugged it back in just to see what would happen. Well, it turned out that defrosting the until was exactly what it needed! When I plugged it back in and turned it on, the house started cooling down again the way that it was supposed to. I guess it had been running so constantly that it froze up and that’s why it wasn’t working. I’m glad that I didn’t have to call the HVAC company.

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