Doing what it takes to make ends meet

My brother and his wife are really struggling.

The factory in town, where they both worked shut down and now they are living on unemployment income.

They are both trying to find jobs but they have done the same thing for the past ten years and working on an assembly line doesn’t give you many skills for today’s job market. I did tell them both that the local school was looking for cleaners but they don’t seem very interested in that line of work either. My husband and I have talked about what we would do in their situation and we both agree that we would take whatever job was available to make ends meet. If it meant working at the school, mopping floors, or even working at a fast food joint. Many of these jobs are labor intensive and you don’t have ideal working conditions but at least it would help to pay the bills. I think that one of the reasons they don’t want to work there is because the school buildings are not air conditioned and can get very warm during the summer. This is when they need people most in order to ready the building for the next school year. Whatever their reasons I wish they would do something instead of sitting around feeling sorry for themselves and collecting unemployment. A job is not going to fall into their laps and the factory is not going to open back up. Maybe they should apply to the local trade school and take classes in something that would be more relevant in today’s job market.
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