Worst job at the hotel for sure

During the summer the local amusement park hires students to fill positions in both the park and the on site hotel.

My kids all worked there during the years they were in High School and now that they have grown and moved out I was looking for something to do myself. My husband is at work all day too so it was rather boring just sitting home by myself. I thought it would be fun to get out, see people, and make a few extra dollars. I applied to work at the hotel during the week and was happy when they hired me. I work at the front desk and it is really fun greeting people as they arrive for their vacations. After working there for about a week, I realized that I was really lucky to have the position I did. Each day on my way in and out for a shift I had to walk by the laundry room. You could feel the intense heat and humidity coming out of the doors each time they were opened. The fact that they had to launder linens from the two hundred rooms each day was a huge undertaking and the machines generated massive amounts of heat. I would see the cleaning staff in there sweating while folding all of the clean stuff and thank my lucky stars I worked in the air conditioned lobby. Working as a housekeeper at a hotel has to be the worst job possible. I suppose there is a person for every task and maybe they felt the same way about my job. After all, we also have to deal with the many complaints that our guests have as well.


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