I work with a guy at the HVAC company who plays in a band

I work with a guy at the HVAC company who plays in a band and we have been talking a lot about getting together to play and see how it goes.

He plays the drums and I play the guitar.

They are actually looking for a new guitar player and I am thinking about auditioning for the job. I think that it would probably be fun to play in the band with this guy. I mean, after all, we have a whole lot in common already. We have been working together at the HVAC company for a couple of years already and we are pretty good friends. However, up until the past few weeks we had never really talked much about music. Usually we just talk about things that have to do with work. The other day I was out with him on a job where we were working on a big air conditioning installation job and that’s when we started to talk about music. I was shocked to find out that he actually played for a band and that they are actually pretty popular around here where we live. We started to discuss music and we realized that we like a lot of the same stuff. That’s when he told me that they needed a new guitar player. We finished up the air conditioning installation and on the way back to the office, he called up the other band members to tell them about me. I think it will be fun if we get to play together and work together too.


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