Trailer park living

My mom has lived in a Trailer Park for as long as I can recall.

Growing up in that place was crazy as well as I don’t ever anticipate living like that again.

Mom is great about maintaining her lot as well as her cabin however several in the place are not. I feel that they feel it is only a “temporary” cabin so they don’t care for it as all the people do a conventional house. Mom even petitioned the Park Manager so she could put up privacy fencing on her lot. This way, she didn’t have to look at the neighbors mess in their yard all the time, then anyway, there are some advantages to living in a mobile home. The upkeep is minimal for the most part as well as so long as you keep up with repairs to the skirting around them, your plumbing as well as HVAC duct are safe from detriment. Last year, there were several serious storms that blew through our area as well as it detrimentd part of my mom’s skirting. The real problem came when that, in turn, detrimentd the HVAC duct for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. You see, the HVAC duct for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system is located underneath the trailer. This is the only way it can be installed as well as they need to be protected from the elements at all times. Animals can also get under the trailer as well as wreak havoc on the system as well as the insulation around the HVAC duct. Mom had to contact the Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist to come out as well as repair this before she could turn the system back on. There are Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies that deal exclusively with Mobile Homes as the component as well as upgrade are unquestionably unusual from that of a conventional home. I am glad she has someone she knows as well as can trust to work on her system.

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