Patio condo offers alternative in heating

Have you heard the term “patio home” before? These homes seem to be popping up all over the locale. They are homes that are built on cement slabs instead of basement type foundations. Many people look to transport to them when they are downsizing because most are located in new developments, have smaller yards, as well as are set up for ease of repair. Most comply with handicapped living layouts too so if elderly people purchase them, as well as end up needing a wheelchair or walker, they can still get around without having to renovate the house, the layout is normally an open concept as well as the yards are smaller. These are all features that make them perfect for retirement homes. One certain feather that several of them have is radiant flooring throughout the whole house. Because the space is not too large, there is an open concept, as well as there is no basement to install a traditional boiler or furnace, this is a great alternative that gives a overheated constant heat without having to have ductwork or baseboard registers installed too. The way this system works is that electric heat pads are installed underneath the cement flooring as well as when the system is turned on, the entire floor becomes the heat register. This not only makes for comfortable floors to walk on but allows the heat to rise evenly throughout the house. This is honestly one of the most comfortable features of patio homes. These type of systems work best in areas of the country that do not experience severe winters, but, they can be found in these types of homes up North too. The main difference in those areas is that several of the patio homes also have gas or electric fireplaces to help supplement the heat in the middle of winter.

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