Need for cool air in a confined space

I work in the basement part of a building where there are no windows. This has some benefits however a lot of disadvantages, then one of the benefits is that the space is not subjected to the foot traffic that the upper offices see because my pal and I have rooms like maintenance, long term storage, and utility offices. Most people don’t have a monthly need to come and see us. I am a somewhat reclusive lady so this works out great for me. The disadvantages of the location include the temperature, it is constantly cold, and the fact that my pal and I don’t have windows. My friend and I never know if it is sunny or raining, windy or calm. There are mornings, in the middle of winter, where I arrive at work in the dark and leave when the daylight has set. I begin to feel like a mushroom while in those times. My main problem, however, is the lack of fresh air. The ventilation system in the building is subpar and I feel like I am constantly sick with a cold or pollen irritations because of this. If my pal and I had windows my pal and I could at least air the locale out while in warmer weather. I have asked my supervisor about the Heating and A/C system and she just said to put in a request to the building maintenance department. See as they share the same floor as my pal and I do, you would think that they would be on top of this. Maybe they aren’t as bothered by these conditions so it is not a priority for them. I work in the records room where I am surrounded by old papers and files that are filled with dust. I will keep putting in requests until they address the problem. I know they will get sleepy of answering them eventually.

Commercial air conditioning