Upgrade of HVAC leads to fuel issues

After we got married we decided to relocate to a town up North in hopes of finding better employment opportunities.

  • The Midwest was no place for accounting jobs as most people and businesses are struggling these days.

We knew that industry and technical jobs were relocated to some of the cities up north and felt we may have a better opportunity to use our degrees there. Before the move we went and scoped out the job market and housing that may be available to us. We found a few homes that were within our price range. The deciding factor came down to not only price but the HVAC system too. We knew that heat was an important factor because we were moving to a place that had long cold winters. My wife’s biggest concern was the fact that all of the homes we looked at used gas powered appliances. She grew up with all electric and wanted to have the same in our new home. I guess the fact that tornadoes destroyed so many places made her nervous. She kept saying that if the house is destroyed, how do you turn off the gas, and she worried that it may cause a fire. She really wanted an electric furnace and that meant that we would need to purchase a new one and have it installed. I think the the HVAC company thought we were crazy because the cost involved was quite high. Not only that, but, the gas furnaces were much cheaper to operate and more fuel efficient over all. I am happy to say that we found great jobs, a wonderful house, and a trusted HVAC dealer who changed over our appliances without a problem. We are looking forward to building our lives in our new location.

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