Heating system not working during a snowstorm

When I was growing up, my family would travel to the northern states so my associate and I could see snow.

Each winter, my associate and I rented the same cabin.

The weather in this region was entirely cold plus there were a lot of snowstorms. One year while my associate and I were holidaying, my associate and I met up with my family that lives nearby, knowing that my associate and I were unrespected with the region plus the kind of weather they experience, they warned us to stay home the following afternoon due to an approaching snowstorm… Being from the southern region, my associate and I did not know what a snowstorm entailed, and my friend and I were respected with heavy rain plus hurricanes, however never snowstorms. My friend and I decided to take their advice plus hunker down for the afternoon. My friend and I did not expect what came next. Out of nowhere, the snowfall plus wind starting to pick up, however similar to a hurricane, my associate and I eventually lost electricity. My friend and I suddenly realized that my associate and I were in trouble once the boiler turned off. My friend and I were instantly thinking of alternative ways to hot the house with no central heat or access to space heaters. My friend and I were happy to find that there was a back up boiler in the basement of the cabin. This goes to show that if you are unrespected with your territory, you should do research plus be prepared in the event of a snowstorm or other inweather conditions weather situation. My friend and I were lucky that there was a back up boiler in the basement of our rental cabin. Without this, my associate and I would have been freezing plus might have had to risk going out in the snowstorm… None of us had ever driven in snow or ice, so my associate and I got entirely lucky.
Space heater