Space heater in the bathroom

One of the worst parts about winter is having to take off all of your clothes and step into a cold, tile cave in order to maintain your daily hygiene. During the winter months, one can usually assume that the bathroom will be the coldest at night and to prepare by turning on the hot water before stepping into the shower. One of the most uncomfortable things to me is being cold before a shower. In order to prevent this awful feeling and still maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle, I utilize a space heater in my bathroom prior to and during showers. Although the area where I live does not get terribly cold, it is nice to have the space heater as an available option. Turning the space heater on about 30 minutes prior to shower is the key to a comfortable and warm showering environment. Without the space heater, you are looking at a solid 10 minutes of wasting hot water while the tile and room warm up from the steam. With the space heater, you can leave the room while the tile and bathroom warm up. It is very important to remember that a space heater is in another room. Do not get sidetracked and forget that the space heater is warming the bathroom for your shower. Using the time on your phone or oven can help you to remember that the space heater is running. People often mistakenly leave their space heaters running and cause house fires. What you thought was going to be a warm shower can easily turn into a fiery inferno situation if you are not smart!

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