A Homeowner Won’t Stop Calling Me About Heating as well as A/C Issues

As an Heating as well as A/C serviceman, I communicate with a lot of different homeowners in the part about their heat as well as air problems… For the most part, I only communicate with the purchaser when they are scheduling their appointment as well as when I’m at their apartment working on the furnace or cooling system. I love communicating with each purchaser thoroughly as well as helping them understand their Heating as well as A/C system so they can take care of the equipment properly when I’m not around. I know what it’s like to hire someone as well as not have any idea what they’re doing or what they’re trying to tell me because they’re using terminology that I do not understand. This is why I go the extra mile to be patient with each homeowner when they have numerous questions. However, I have one homeowner who does not leave me alone. He is over ambitious with his Heating as well as A/C system as well as he is determined that something is regularly wrong with it. Somehow, he got a hold of my personal cell PC number as well as he calls me at least once a afternoon with a question or concern. He asks questions like, “should I cover my outdoor condenser equipment when it snows?” “Should I change my air filter this week?” “How close can I mow my turf next to the condenser unit?” Personally, I suppose all of these questions are absolutely found online, however this particular homeowner doesn’t understand that. I hate to ignore his calls because he is a steady business, however how do I tell him to find his easy Heating as well as A/C answers elsewhere?



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