I Got a Discount For Referring Someone Next Door

Having a new neighbor move in next door is always terrifying. You never know who’s going to live beside you or what their daily habits are. Nothing makes a house harder to sell than a bad neighbor. This is why when I saw the “for sale” sign in my neighbor’s front yard, I became really anxious. Every weekend, I sat at my window, stealing glances from behind the curtains in order to get a good look at the people touring the house. When the new owner took possession of the house, I realized that it was a single woman and her son. The two of them seemed pleasant and happy to be moving in. When I went to introduce myself, I asked her if she needed anything. Her first question was in regards to her HVAC system! She wanted to know if I knew any good HVAC technicians in the area. She expressed how important it was to have proper air conditioning running during the summer and she wanted to make sure the current air conditioner unit was working efficiently. I had to applaud her for her eagerness to take care of her HVAC system. I loved the HVAC company that serviced my HVAC system, so I gave her the phone number and website. A few weeks later, I received an email from the HVAC company telling me that I’d received $10 off my next HVAC service for referring someone! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been referring them to people this whole time.

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