A Homeowner Won’t Stop Calling Me About HVAC Issues

As an HVAC technician, I communicate with a lot of different homeowners in the area about their heat and air concerns.

For the most part, I only communicate with the client when they are scheduling their appointment and when I’m at their home working on the furnace or air conditioner.

I love communicating with each client thoroughly and helping them understand their HVAC system so they can take care of the equipment properly when I’m not around. I know what it’s like to hire someone and not have any idea what they’re doing or what they’re trying to tell me because they’re using terminology that I don’t understand. This is why I go the extra mile to be patient with each homeowner when they have numerous questions. However, I have one homeowner who does not leave me alone. He is over ambitious with his HVAC system and he is determined that something is always wrong with it. Somehow, he got a hold of my personal cell phone number and he calls me at least once a day with a question or concern. He asks questions like, “should I cover my outdoor condenser unit when it snows?” “Should I change my air filter this week?” “How close can I mow my grass next to the condenser unit?” Personally, I think all of these questions are easily found online, but this specific homeowner doesn’t understand that. I hate to ignore his calls because he is a steady business, but how do I tell him to find his simple HVAC answers elsewhere?


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