I Took The Time To Schedule The Best HVAC Company

After I moved into a new home, I set out to find the perfect HVAC company to take care of my furnace and air conditioner.

The house I purchased already had an energy efficient HVAC system and it was only 5 years old.

It was important for me to continue taking care of the HVAC system so it could continue running efficiently. A lot of HVAC companies listed basic information regarding their services, but a lot of them left out prices and detailed lists of what they provided. I wanted to make sure that I hired an HVAC company that I trusted and could rely on 24/7. You never knew when your furnace or air conditioner would go out at the worst time possible and you needed to call the emergency HVAC line. In my attempt to find the best HVAC company, I called 5 different companies and requested a list of the services they offered for both air conditioner tune ups and furnace tune ups. Two of the companies I called gave me a brief list of things they covered like, air filter replacements, refrigerant top offs, and coil cleaning. However, the other three HVAC companies actually sent me a brochure with detailed lists of everything included in their air conditioner tune ups and furnace tune ups. I was really impressed by this! Ultimately, I went with the company that included the most in their tune ups even though I had to pay a little bit more. I’ve never been disappointed with my decision.

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