My Dad and Brother Advised Me To Have My Heating and A/C System Serviced

I never realized how amazing it was to have a dad who was a professional Heating and A/C contractor until I was seasoned enough to buy my own home, and my older sibling even went to college to become a certified Heating and A/C contractor like my dad, but it didn’t hit me how fantastic this would be until now, however i had a general understanding about what the two of them did, and I common it, but however, once I bought my first household and realized that the Heating and A/C system didn’t take care of itself, I understood how important my dad and sibling were to not only me, but all homeowners. I was residing in my up-to-date home for 3 months before the season transitioned from summer time to fall, which meant I had to switch between my air conditioning and my boiler. I casually mentioned this A/C and heat transition in front of my dad and sibling, and they quickly advised me to hold off until one of them could service my Heating and A/C system. I thought they were joking, because it was just a simple button on my temperature control to make the switch, but they explained everything that could go wrong with my Heating and A/C unit if I didn’t have it ran tests on… Once they were done explaining the severity of having my Heating and A/C system twice per year, they explained how high-priced the consequences were. After hearing what they had to say, I was thankful to have the two of them in my life, because I know I’d never genuinely pay someone to service my Heating and A/C unit twice per year.