They Wasted My Time

I’m a very impatient person, which a lot of people would say is one of my worst qualities.

  • I’d agree with them most of the time, but there are some good things that come from being impatient.

For example, my time management is exceptional. I have no problem juggling multiple responsibilities because I know exactly how much time to dedicate to each task. The only fault with my exceptional time management, is that I expect the same from others. I don’t know many people who have the same time management skills as me, which is where I get impatient. Last week, I called the local HVAC company and requested one of their HVAC technicians to come service my HVAC equipment. My appointment time was 2pm, so I arranged all my other daily responsibilities accordingly. When 2:30pm rolled around and there was no HVAC technician, I was pacing the house full of anxiety. I called a different HVAC company and asked if they had any HVAC technicians available at that exact moment. Surprisingly, they did! The other HVAC technician arrived 15 minutes later and got to work. He was at my house 10 minutes before the original HVAC technician showed up. He was almost an hour late, and he couldn’t even give me a proper excuse. I told him that he was too late, and I’d hired a different company. If they wanted my business, they should’ve taken my time seriously. I told him that I’d be calling management to complain about my time wasted.


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