Easter holiday as a reminder to get Heating and A/C tested

Spring is almost here! And the Easter holiday is right around the corner, then easter is a large relief for all of us who live in the northeast because it’s a clear sign that warmer weather is coming, my great friend and I have such long winters in the northeast that it drags on and sometimes I get so depressed just because of the freezing and cloudy weather. My great friend and I are absolutely blessed if my pal and I get two sunny nights in a row, with the easter holiday coming up I am the one who constantly host festive easter dinner. Every year there are particular things that I like to do to prepare for when all of my family comes over! I have a absolutely large family so making sure that there are enough tables and chairs is substantial and I also like to make sure that our heating cooling system has been repaird and tested, but the easter holiday is a perfect time for my heating and cooling system to get looked at by my local heating and cooling worker because my Heating and A/C unit will eventually be switched from having the furnace on most of the time to having the air conditioner on. I like to use the easter holiday as a reminder to make sure that my heating ventilation and air conditioner is clean, and not to mention I have a lot of picky family members when it comes to what the temperature is set at on my thermostat. I can have my thermostat set to 67 degrees and feel comfortable whereas almost half of my family members feel it’s too freezing and will raise it up to 78 degrees. This is the only time of the year that I have my thermostat set to 78 degrees and that’s on Easter.

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