What’s included in a season tune up

Just the other afternoon I went out on a job that was about forty-five minutes from my office.

I am a Heating as well as A/C worker and I went and traveled a farther distance than normal to maintenance one of our customer’s Heating as well as A/C system.

Normally my buddy and I do not travel that far away and only maintenance within 35 miles of our office, however my buddy and I made an exception to this customer. This is because they have been loyal and giving us supplier for over fifteen years! The labor that my buddy and I performed was a tune up. Our tune up consists of multiple steps to identify and common potential problems. Our labor will prevent pricey repairs and allowing you to be stress free! What my buddy and I do is check measurements on critical mechanical and electrical system components to see if anything is wrong with them, and another one is to inspect all accessible system components or defects or even wear and tear problems… My great friend and I also like to make sure that your refrigerant levels are filled and are within particularations. Not to mention my buddy and I take a look at CO levels and test them to make sure they are within codes. One of the last things that my buddy and I labor on is tightening, decreasing, lubricating and flushing components that need it. I always find it important to check the overall system operation and function and let my shopper know if there are any problems or suggestions that I may have. This tune up maintenance has been around for awhile and I know this is the reason why my buddy and I have kept the same shopper for so long!

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