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Our comprehensive variety of modern day furniture is handcrafted in Italy with the utmost talent and care, imported to the UK directly from Italy with the most discerning consumers in thoughts. The Santambrogio tag sewn into the seam at the back of the piece further certifies it to be genuine Italian sofa made at Santambrogio. Our Italian furniture store on the Gold Coast and Sydney characteristics designer merchandise of all types such as mirrors, tables, dining sets, cabinets, bedroom sets, sofas and other pieces that will boost the appear of your home.

Our furniture lines consist of Tuscan and Rustic styles as nicely as Florentine hand painted pieces, Standard, Classic, Italian, French, and Biedermeier styles. If you’re renting or not keen to paint the walls, you could always paint a piece of your furniture alternatively. From your quite very first take a look at to our showrooms in Harrogate, or your quite very first phone call to us, our team of designer furniture experts will be there to assist you all through the entire procedure.

Our prestigious Italian modern day designer furniture will bring an exquisite look to the rooms of your home no matter which pieces you pick. Cassoni is an vital reference when it comes to Luxury Italian Furniture, Lighting & Outdoor Styles, getting a large and exclusive choice with over 100 Italian businesses. I can not add substantially that has not currently been stated in the recent on line outpouring of shock, grief and celebratory remembrances of this extraordinarily talented bartender, genuinely caring hospitality pro, and uncommonly vivid force of nature.

You could go to a single of the significant countrywide furniture retailers and get sofas and suites like every person else – or you could dare to be various and get an Italian fabric or leather sofa suite. Only Tosato certifies all the wood utilised in the manufacture with a information tag, that accompanies every handcrafted piece of furniture produced by our organization. Give your Living Room an Italian Style appear and feel, and treat yourself like Royalty.

Moving forward to the 1910s and 1920s Italian furniture design was very similar to that of French art deco types. Throughout the projects they get specialist feedback and guidance from the organization and are supported with business preparation in trends, markets, and communication, supplying a expert approach in the negotiation and presentation of suggestions to corporations and new customers. In our corporation, over hundred specialized artisans are committed to the creation of unique higher-finish furniture pieces that are, undoubtedly, magnificent Italian artworks.

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